What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the activity that mediums do to help those in the living world connect with those in the spirit world. Mediumship can be done through a seance, channelling, healing, and reading. Mediums have been doing their work for hundreds of years. In fact, historic religious icons are described as having spoken to spirit where this inspiration was shared with their fellow humans.

What is the purpose of a Mediumship Reading?

The purpose of a Mediumship Reading is to bring comfort, calm and healing to those in the physical world. We live physical lives with a physical body and may at times feel as if “this is all there is.” Wouldn’t you love to know that your world is much bigger than what you can see? Would you be inspired to feel the presence of a loved one who is in spirit? Could you view your life differently knowing how your loved one is doing in spirit? These are just a few of the reasons individuals enjoy receiving a mediumship reading.

Other Medium Readings would include the Soul Reading where this reading is all about you and your soul with information to help, inspire and heal you in life. The Space Clearing is also a Mediumship Reading in that it’s purpose is to clear your space and make it your own by having residual spirit energy moved. The Healing Session is also a Mediumship activity where spirit is invited to heal you.

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