Soul Readings

This is a reading all about you and your soul. I will look at past, present and possible future. You are free to bring specific questions too. $90 for 60 minutes via online, or $100 for 60 minutes in your home (Kelowna, BC).

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship readings are for connecting you to those who have crossed over that wish to bringĀ  you a message, inspiration or healing at this time. There is no guarantee as to who will show up, but those that need to, will. $90 for 60 minutes via online, or $100 for 60 minutes in your home (Kelowna, BC).

Space Clearing

Is your home haunted? Are there strange happenings going on? Perhaps your space just doesn’t ‘feel’ right? This service is highly recommended for those who have just moved into a new place, or for those who have experienced a highly charged emotional event in their home. $90 for 60 minutes in Kelowna, BC.


Healing sessions are for those looking for pain relief, emotional relief or generalized well being. This service is for humans and pets. I am happy to help those who have already been to their doctors/vets for their specific concerns as this service is not a replacement for a professional medical work-up.

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